The Altentech™ Biovertidryer™ has been uniquely engineered to dry virtually any type of biomass — from wood fibre to agricultural by-products — consistently, safely, and cost effectively

Some of the significant advantages it offers include:

Environmental Emission Compliance

Lower emissions with no additional filtration systems

High Thermal Efficiency = Lower Energy Needed

Less energy needed for better drying results

Electrical Cost Savings

30-50% electrical cost savings over incumbent technologies


Temperature & operation adjustments effective in minutes — output widely adjustable from approximately 5 to 15 tons per hour


Reduced temperature and the elimination of turbulence greatly reduces any chance of fire or explosions

Small Footprint & Modular

Over 70% less real estate coverage than a Rotary Drum Dryer

Patented or in patent process in 49 countries

Altentech Biomass Dryer