Leasing options for an Altentech Biomass Dryer

The Altentech™ Biovertidryer™

can be leased because of its

unique modular design

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Biovertidryer™ Leasing Options:

Reduce up-front capital expenditures:
Equipment leasing can finance up to 100% of the equipment value without impacting your existing financial arrangements

Preserve your line of credit:
Expand your borrowing power without tying up your bank line of credit or signing over your business to your financial institution. Reserve your line of credit for unexpected expenses or seasonal cash flow issues and your long term debt capacity for future expansion or acquisitions

Stress reduction:
No business plans or visits to the bank manager's office. Leasing is a fixed cost and will not change over the course of the lease contract

Seasonally adjusted payments:
Seasonal payments are available and can be adjusted to your revenue stream

Potential tax advantages:
Lease payments are generally deductible over a period equal to the lease term. You can control the depreciation rate of your equipment and use it to your advantage. Consult your accountant for compliance with taxation guidelines