we've made our biomass drying system even better

Important Refinements to our company

If you have visited us before March 2013 — welcome back — and thank you for your continued interest

From the inception of Altentech™ Power Inc. our strategic mission was not simply to develop another me-too, similar but slightly different or "just as good as the other guys" biomass dryer

Our focus was to engineer a unique, robust piece of equipment that could deliver significant features and benefits, that could contribute directly to your bottom line and address the growing list of challenges facing biomass-to-energy professionals

In previous visits you no doubt noted that various sizes of the Altentech™ Biovertidryer™ were presented

Based on thousands of hours of engineering, testing and refining, as well as in-depth discussions with industry experts — we decided to unify our initial offering to one remarkable unit: The Biovertidryer™ 1.3 — a revolutionary moisture reduction system that meets or exceeds the stringent benchmarks that were set and which we believe can cost effectively provide you with a meaningful competitive advantage

It's the logical next phase — it's our

Altentech Biomass Dryer schematic
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