why our solution to biomass drying is so different

About Altentech the company

AltentechTM Power Inc, and more importantly, the game-changing moisture extraction / drying technology we have developed and internationally patented, is the result of real world, hands-on experience and exhaustive engineering

The founders of the company spent decades working in the power industry, charged with maximizing productivity at boiler installations around the globe

One of the most persistent challenges they faced was the inconsistency of feedstock moisture levels, and the variations in energy content that resulted

Incumbent drying systems like the commonly used rotary drum driers could not, and still do not, deliver the degree of control or safety that was and is desperately needed

After years of trial and error experimentation, they developed a concept—a unique approach that they believed could and would solve a wide range of problems

When AltentechTM was incorporated in 2007 the intellectual property was secured under the direction of internationally acclaimed IP specialists Bereskin & Parr LLC

Product development was handled via an internal team that was adjusted appropriately as increasing sophistication was demanded It was further bolstered by engaging third-party experts, such as Noram Engineering and Constructors Ltd, Thermal Systems Engineering, Levelton, and others—all selected for their depth of experience in the biomass-to-energy arena

The result of this foundation of practical perspectives and meticulous attention-to-detail is our BiovertidryerTM 1.3