a unique solution for biomass drying

  1. Unique feeding system ensures that the biomass feed stock is processed without voids or over-packing
  2. Counter rotating descending drives carrying perforated flights hold the biomass in a controlled mat as it moves down and through the machine. Speed of operation can be set by the operator or process logic controlled by built in moisture sensors for consistent discharge moisture content
  3. Direct contact zones where heated air is pulled / vacuumed through the biomass. Heat can be drawn from waste exhaust where available or from a modulated biomass-fired cyclone furnace, effectively creating a self-fuelled biomass drying system
  4. The controlled, descending biomass mat. The Biovertidryer™ utilizes the weight of the descending biomass thus reducing power requirements
  5. Conveyor belt to capture dried biomass and transport for further processing — i.e. to torrefaction reactor, pelletizer, gasification chamber, brequetter, direct to combustion, etc.